Small trout, beautiful river

Small trout, beautiful river

The river

Heading to my favorite river. It runs in a narrow valley with high, eroding cliffs. Its water is cold from abundant sources. A strong current creates plenty of loops and bends. Lots of fallen trees, make hideouts for trout, rocky steps for grayling. After a 70min drive I look to my right and left nothing, but forest. Stepped out of the car a heat wave hits me. Next the fly brigade attacks. As I change and prep my gear I wave a T-Shirt back and forth like a cow its tale trying to scare the fleet of bugs. With everything prepared, downhill I go into a lush field of nettle, brush and thick vegetation. I drag my feet, ripping plants. Eager to wade the cold river I pick the pace up.

The trout

Comfortable and cooled off in the water I start casting. Around my tenth cast I plant the Smith Pure spoon between two tree stumps sticking out of the water. I start reeling and get my first trout of the day which will be the biggest. A good start. I cast closer to the second post and get another hit this time the trout is much smaller around 15-17cm.

Wading upstream I admire nature while fallen timber and rocks dictate the course of the river. I did not go 15min without a bite although the trout were all small, the constant action was wonderful. Was using only spoon lures. A drawback of the river it is popular with water tourists. First you hear the hollow plastic bangs and knocks. Then one kayak after another pass me. Always followed by the same questions. Hows it biting, hope we are not scaring the fish. Although frustrating cannot be mad at people trying to relax in nature

After another 6 hours I was 4km upstream. I decide to wade back down. Casting between logs, under low hanging branches, small trout, grayling kept on biting.

Last challenge

As the sun fell clouds started forming and rain was imminent. Making it to the car before rainfall was the goal. At the last leg of my journey, I step out of the river and all I have left is the nettle field and a uphill climb. It starts pouring wind gusts blow. I plow threw the tall grass feeling the burn in my thighs. The car is in sight, but I am already drenched. I quickly change into a dry pair of clothes. The forest roads are flowing with water. I feel wheel spin, but with some light maneuvering I make it to the main road. The day had everything and it was fantastic !

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