Review of the Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67

Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67

A description of the Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67

Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67 was designed for spoons lures and area fishing in mind. As the company states: “There are many changing factors influencing pond fishing, such as a wider range of fish species and larger fish, along with a continuing increase in the water quality at many trout ponds which leads to more active fish. Taking into these factors our Pro-staff have run repeated tests with active fish, to create the specialist spoon rod designed for winning, SPEED PEAK.” So the rod is for professionals competing in area trout competitions.Closed the rods sits at 105cm. Assembled around 204cm. A universal length which will be enough when casting in wider areas. The declared action is fast. Which in my humble opinion is incorrect. The rod bends straight from the handle. It has a regular or even a slow action. This is highlighted fishing in streams. Dragging the lure against the current produces a bend threw out the rod. Furthermore another quirk of the slower action is that after the cast the blank has a counter action which does take time getting used to. The fish play is amazing and will handle the most ferocious trout. If you pair the rod with a monofilament line it also does not deter the fish from continuous bites. The designated casting weight is from 0.8gr. to 5gr. Which is accurate. The usability of this rod is specific for spoon lures. Thus jigging, crank fishing, twitching will not be effective. The cork handle is 33cm. Silky to the touch, but too fat and long for my liking. Produced by FUJI it has a split grip design with a classic screw on real seat. One unique feature is the ability to add weights to the end of the handle to achieve perfect balance. Keep in mind they are sold separate. The guides are FUJI Titanium. The rods weight is around 100gr. And has great balance with reels sizes of 2000 by Shimano standard. The blank color is deep dark green with violet accents. It looks sophisticated. The case is is made from quality material, has a color theme same as the rod.



Construction/Quality: Designed and built with quality threw out – 10
Performance: Great fish handling, casts – 8
Price: Discontinued, so hard to come by and expensive 250 – 350eur – 5
Features: The FUJI guides and reel seat are quality and the ability to add weights brings a level of customization – 8
Design (Ergonomics): Sophisticated design, but the handle is to fat and long for my liking – 6.5
Application: Limited uses, but it was design with that in mind – 8.0
Total Score: 7.6
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!

Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67 Pros and Cons:


+ Unique design – Expensive and hard to come by

+ Excellent balance – The slow action is not for everyone

+ Amazing fish handling – Limited uses (to be fair it was design like that)
All in all the Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67 is a great rod for what it was built for. Works well with spoons, the cast is just far enough to reach the furthest pond areas. Fish play is amazing. You can still use this rod in slow moving water. If you are into area trout fishing this rod will be unbeatable.

Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67 Tech. specification:

Nories Trout Program Speed Peak 67
Length (cm): 204
Action: Fast
Closed lenght (cm): 105
Lure wt (g): 0.8-5
Line (lb): 2-5
Rear grip lenght (mm): 330
Rod wt (g): 114
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