Start of summer

The summer has arrived

The last couple of months were not good for trout fishing. Although I caught a couple here and there it was a mirror image of my winter fishing trips. Winter in my country was unuasual. Very little snow and temperatures never dropped below zero. No ice was forming on the lakes/river. Due to this the FIPsed ice fishing championship got moved to Norway. Trout acted different as well. Their lurking spots were empty. Also they were passive, no lure could make them bite. Of course this is one mans anecdotal evidence. Facebook groups did have postings with catches. But for me catches were rare. Getting ready for this trip I was not too optimistic. But in the current COVID19 lock down spending some time in nature by the river was relaxing. Great to clear the mind of the routine.

I set out after sleeping in. I reach the river at around 10:30am. Prep my gear and start casting. I decide to test a new spoon the ANTEM (Angler’z System) Olian and keep it on for the day. A small lure with an olive/yellow color and a unique bend, which creates active movement.

It was windy, but the skies clear. The heat was intense, flies buzzing everywhere. But no mayflies insight. Was fishing high upstream. The river was 3-4m width casting was not challenging. After an hour I get my first bite. For a split second I see a small trout on the surface doing a dance with the lure. As soon as he felt resistance he spits the lure out. Early action is a good sign. Now the sun was at a midday high. No sun lotion, no sun cap sunburn was a guarantee. Reconciled with my fate all I can do is plow forward. Bigger trout await. 2 hours pass and I get another hit this time the trout reaches my net. Pretty much a standard size for this season. Still feisty. I let him go, have a snack and keep moving forward.

After sometime the scenery changes. The river goes from fields to a forest. There I catch a small pike. A pleasant surprise for this river.

I admire the blossoming nature and rest up. After a couple hours of casting with one more trout bite I decide to head home. Looking like a lobster I take a short cut threw the fields. As I make my way to the car, a white dot stands out in the horizon. It is a panel-van. With no roads around, I ended a days of fishing wondering how did a it end up in the middle of a field under a dead tree…

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