Review of the Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX 74ULZ ZANGETSU

A description of the Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX 74ULZ ZANGETSU


Was interested in this rod since getting another model from the same Shoreluck series. Since the rod is no longer in production getting one was a bit tricky. It involved Japanese classifieds and proxy services. Still the Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX 74ULZ ZANGETSU was in my hands three months later.

At 224cm the rod has a universal length suitable for most conditions. On smaller overgrown rivers the extra length helps to lead the lure threw stumps water plants and other obstacles. On larger water bodies the length is enough to get decent distance on your desired lure. The most interesting part of the rod is the 160mm eva handle. It has pros and cons. Pros: quick casts when you get used to the length, perfect for one handed casts, very comfortable. Cons: distance and accuracy on further casts suffers, the extra support from a longer handle would help when fighting larger fish, two handed casts are impossible with this rod. Fishing the first hour caught myself on a couple occasions trying to grab the butt of the handle when casting further distances.

The reel seat is Fuji. Balance is great with 2000 and 2500 Shimano sized reels. With Fuji SIC guides the rod weights 74gr. casting one handed all day will not cause fatigue. Declared lure weight is from 0.8 – 9gr. the lower part is a bit optimistic and for me 1.5gr. was more comfortable. The high end is accurate though. Jigging is visible and responsive from 2gr. When twitching minnows up to 6cm the rod animates the lure with ease. Spoons and spinners work very well.

The rod has a fast action, whip like feel upon cast. Fish play is amazing and the rod works throughout. The rod has a black glossy finish, the reel seat has carbon accents. Also a picture of whats seems to be a paradise bird. It does look apart.



Construction/Quality: Designed and built with quality throughout – 10
Performance: A universal rod with smooth fish handling, works well with most lures – 9
Price: No longer in production, used 150 – 200eur – 7
Features: Unique rod with a Fuji real seat and guides – 8
Design (Ergonomics): It a rod that some will love other will hate, because of the short handle – 6
Application: A good all round light rod – 9.5
Total Score: 8.3
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!

Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX 74ULZ ZANGETSU Pros and Cons:


+ Unique design – Limited use case if fishing larger water bodies
+ Handle – Availability
+ Great fish control – Handle
+ Versatile

In conclusion the rod handle is a double edge sword. Depending on what kind of fishing you are into it has its benefits and drawbacks. If you specialize fishing mid to small sized rivers and streams go for this rod. Not only does it have the cool factor the fish play is amazing and the short handle is comfortable for short ranged and fast casts.


Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX 74ULZ ZANGETSU Tech. specification:


Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX 74ULZ ZANGETSU
Length (cm): 224
Closed length (cm): 115
Lure wt (g): 0.8-9
Line (lb): 2-8
Rear grip length (mm): 160
Rod wt (g): 74
Carbon (%): 99

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