New Products #3. Zipbaits Rigge Flat 45S, Pontoon21 Cheerful 60SP SR

Pontoon21 Cheerful 60SP SR


Pontoon21 Cheerful 60SP SR is part of the Cheerful line, which dates back to the brand’s inception. The Cheerful 60 is a lightweight lure. Pontoon21 became well-known almost immediately after the initial model was released. Accurate control during retrieval, good feedback, adequate casting distance, and the ability to elicit bites from both predatory and non-predatory fish. The Cheerful 60 is a compact, nimble lure that combines all of these qualities.

Three spaced tungsten balls with limited motion make up the balancing system. The compact body and balance of the lure give a stable trajectory and extended range, despite the fact that they remain in the same position throughout casting. Attack any waters without being washed away in any stream. In any whirlpool movement is perfect . Furthermore, whether in streams or calm waters, fish are always attracted to it.

The first lure in the series was the Medium Runner. Pontoon21 Cheerful 60SP SR is still popular and its hit record includes almost all the predators inhabiting our waters. In fact the majority of anglers specializing in finesse fishing consider this small shad as one of the best for light fishing. Their flat body perfectly imitates hatchlings. Moreover the excellent internal balancing system allows to achieve important characteristics. Great casting distance, distinct action. The lure works well and its movement is attractive to fish with any retrieve style. To summarize the Pontoon21 Cheerful is the ideal universal lure for light fishing.

All models of the Cheerful family are equipped with reliable Owner treble hooks.

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Zipbaits Rigge Flat 45S


Zipbaits Rigge Flat 45S is a sinking, laterally flattened lure from the Rigge series. It weights 3.8g and is 4.5cm in length. Perfectly suited for perch, asp and trout fishing. Of course it has a patented Mag-Drive technology for long casts and unique running behaviour!

Equipped with the same technical highlights as the rest of the Rigge series. The Rigge Flat 45S has a modified, slightly shad-like design. Thanks to the higher back and the bulbous underside with flat flanks, the Flat models show off their full potential, especially in constant pull or in strong currents.

Moreover as a sinking hard lure the ZipBaits Rigge Flat are primarily used for trout and perch fishing in fast-flowing waters such as streams and rivers. They reach the desired depth relatively quickly, depending on the current pressure.

In terms of lure presentation, whatever you like is possible. Constant crankbait-style retrieves, spinning stops, twitching. When fishing with sinking Rigge Flat plugs, always make sure that you know the structure of the bottom well. As not to anchor on the bottom!

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