Trout fishing in a small river

Trout fishing in a small river


Here we go again. A new season is well upon us. Already had a couple of outings and only the last brought any trout. Although small it was still terrific to feel a bite. On this occasion will be trying a river that have already fished. It is a tiny river, but It does have some decent trout. Furthermore it is picturesque. With nights still chilly, it takes some time during the day for temperatures to climb. So I arrive at the location around 10am. Prep everything and start fishing 30min. later. Today will be my third outing with a new rod M-Aire MG-46MLS. More on the the rod in a separate review.
Start casting a small custom minnow. Water is low and clear, sun is bright. The river bank is littered with fallen trees so plenty of obstacles to keep me entertained. Stop at potential trout hiding spots. Fist bite came after 1,5h. A trout jumps out of deeper waters jabs the lure and goes straight back into hiding. A lighting fast and skittish bite. Did not even have time to react. Tried changing lures, but the trout felt the hooks and knew what was up. Head further on. The river is blocked by beaver damn on he other side of it the river curves carving out a deep area. Text book spot for trout to lurk. Check the pool straight after the damn nothing. Start casting further upstream were the flow carves into the bank. And a strike. The same minnow I started with was hanging out of the trouts mouth. I release the fish from the hooks take some pics and set the fella free.
And that is it I am satisfied with the trip no matter how many more trout I catch. After a hard start of the season a single fight is plenty to scratch the fishing itch. I stop to have lunch and soak in the spring sun. Nature is gearing up for the summer and everything slowly but surly is turning green. In total I cover 6km. and see two more bites. Today trout needed convincing to bite and were cautious. My guess would be the bright sun was not helping. Passed some interesting spots, one seemed to be a spar for wild animals.
This years plan is to check mores rivers in the west of Lithuania close to the coastal areas. Rivers there do not have such high pressure from anglers and the trout on average are bigger.
Anyway this is it for the first trip review of the season. Plenty more to come. And I hope everybody is doing okay in these crazy times…

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