Two river patches

Two river patches


The heatwave across Europe has hit Lithuania as well. Its 30C with no clouds in sight, not the best weather report for angling. Still the fishing bug eats at me. So I set my sights on a river I have only visited in Winter. Arrive at a new stretch. Water levels are fine, but the water temp is high – 23C. Luke warm. The river is drastically different from the patch I had fished in the past. Could call it swampy. I prep the gear ant start stepping. An interesting feeling walking on a carpet of flora while below 30-50cm of water. Seems like I am floating. Start casting. First I try the Jackson Komachi. 10 minutes in I have the first signs of life. Perch chase the lure. I bag 2 soon after. Keep on going. Sun is at its peak and flies are buzzing around, sweat dripping. Come to a turn where the river widens and forms a pond like area. Couple of casts nothing. Next one as I twitch a pike shoots at the lure with a wave behind it. It missed. I take aim and cast to the same spot this time it hooks up. Does a couple of theatrical jumps, but ends up at my feet. I unhook and release it. Clear sign that there is little to no trout here. But since the bites were coming I decide to check further upstream. Another 10min pass and again I am rewarded by a similar sized pike. Two in quick succession. Head further on and from time to time I see perch chasing my lure but not biting. Seems like they are a bit too small. Each step I sink a bit, feels like I stepping on quicksand. An unnerving feeling. 1,5h pass and I have another bite, another pike, although much smaller. The heat is draining and since the bites calmed down decide to head down river to the patch where trout are, at least in the winter…

I arrive and the river is unrecognizable. Winter and summer paint two different images. The flies are different as well. More bloodsuckers in the forest area. This patch the water is 21C. Seems logical since it flows threw shady forest. Trout start biting straight away. Not biting maybe nudging. Seems like they are protecting their feeding areas, but have no intention of landing the decisive blow. This continues for the next 4h. I keep hoping that they will liven up and strike the lure properly, but not today. I manage to muster two perch. But since the target fish are not interested in anything I had to offer no point in torturing myself with the bugs and heat. I decide to head home.

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