Supremo Baila 50XMD

Supremo Baila 50XMD is a mountain stream minnow of exceptional performance. It has the cutting-edge Double Lip technology. This produces super-fast vibrations that entice hesitant trout to pursue the lure. Furthermore, even in the fastest rushing rivers, the Supremo Baila maintains an unchanging swimming line.


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Supremo Baila 50XMD

Supremo Baila 50XMD is a performance quality mountain stream minnow. It includes the innovating Double lip system. Which creates super-speed vibrations, taunting wary trout to chase the lure. Moreover the the Baila 50XMD has an unwavering swimming line even in the fastest flowing rivers. Not to mention a clean, high-speed, balanced actions without disorder. Even with slight rod work, the Baila 50 series creates agile reactions, movements.

Lively swimming with precise rolls and super high speed tail swing action. Also keeps the diving range constant to prevent a rise when twitching and retrieving. Great balance keeps the lure in the torrent even with a high speed retrieve. Superior flight performance allows long casts, but still keeping high precision. This is achieved threw a slim 7mm body. The body of the lure is compact and has a tough design threw a solid ABS body and a wire structure. The minnow has 10 color options, to let anglers choose the most suitable for the conditions.

The whole production cycles is in Japan, quality is upheld threw out. All in all the Baila 50XMD makes various fishing strategies possible.

Supremo Baila 50XMD tech. specifications

Weight: 7g

Length: 50mm

Width: 7mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Lure type

Sinking (S)

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