Jackall Timon Tricoroll Ryushin 53HW

The TRICOROLL RYUSHIN is a smaller version of the TRICOROLL RYUSHIN. It takes care of the main stream and mid-level flows with ease. The Jackall Timon Ryushin 53HW has a fixed center of gravity, a high weight, and a body designed for long-distance flight.


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Jackall Timon Tricoroll Ryushin 53HW

A downsized model has appeared as the TRICOROLL RYUSHIN. It makes light work of the main stream and mid level flows. The Timon Tricoroll Ryushin 53HW has a fixed center of gravity a heavy weight and a body crafted for the furthest flight distance. Best used upstream and in mountain rivers.

This Jackall minnow has effortless casting makes it easy to approach tight spots with pinpoint accuracy. The swim action is a strong wobble roll inherited from the 70HW model. Despite its small size, the twitch has a high-response action. It flips the body kicking out the tail, allowing you to attract even passive trout.

Futhermore the Jackall Timon series minnow fall follows a back and forth sway. Thus between casting and reeling a hit from a fish is likely. Finally the Ryushin also has larger and smaller version of the lure.

Jackall Timon Tricoroll Ryushin 53HW

Weight: 4.6g

Length: 53mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Lure type

Sinking (S)

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