Forest Lure Case Small

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The Forest Lure Case Small is ideal for organizing your lures. S is a rectangle size with dimensions of 95 / 125 / 40mm. Depending on the size of your lures, the four compartments can hold up to 30-40 spoons.


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Forest Lure Case Small

Forest Lure Case Small protects lures from all conditions. Many Japanese spoons are like works of art. And of course are very good at attracting a variety of predators. Thus in order to maintain the lures a box or foam case is a must. Forest offers a couple of options in different sizes.

The case is in bright colors to stand out if the case is lost. It has a semi hard outer shell that protects your spoons from damage. Inside are thought out compartments. Divided to allow anglers to arrange their lures as they wish. Between the foam inlays are clear separations. This prevents rubbing of the opposite spoons. A zipper allows the lure case to be opened from both sides.

Size S is rectangular, the dimensions are 95 / 125 / 40mm . Moreover depending on the size of your lures up to 30-40 spoons can fit in the 4 compartments of the Forest Lure Case Small. If you need more space for your spoons there are also a larger versions – case M and and larger one – case L as well as other cases!

Forest Lure case Small tech. specifications

Size: 95 x 125 x 40mm

Color: Enamel


95 x 125 x 40mm



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