Supremo Mofe 50MS

Supremo Mofe 50MS is best defined as an energizing, spectacular surface dancer. Has a range of activity for fast-moving surface water. New technologies have shattered the minnow’s traditional form. The “Belly Kicker” and the “Double Lip System” added to the revolution. Aside from that, the lure can be used in headwaters and tiny streams. Furthermore, the lure’s double lip mechanism enables it to produce fast and intense underwater vibrations. Furthermore, thanks to a balanced center of gravity, the flight stance is unrivaled by anything else on the market.


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Supremo Mofe 50MS

Supremo Mofe 50MS best described as an energetic, magnificent surface dancer. Has an active range for fast flowing surface water. The traditional mold of the Supremo minnow has been broken by new technologies. The “Double Lip System” & “Belly Kicker” added to the revolution. Besides the lure can be fully utilized in headwaters, small streams.

Moreover the Double lip system allows the lure to emit fast and powerful underwater vibrations. What is more the flight posture is incomparable to anything else in the market due to a balanced center of gravity. Lively swimming with precise rolls and super high speed tail swing action stimulates, invites the trouts to attack.

Superior flight performance allows long casts, but still keeping high precision. Great balance keeps the lure in the torrent even with a high speed retrieve. Visible at long distances the Hyper-flashing lures the trout to bite. Also has an elaborate center of gravity design with three built-in tungsten weights.

Anglers do not have to worry about the durability of the lure. The Supremo Mofe has a competitive price and strong, tough body thanks to the ABS resin design. Because of this will last for a long time. Manufacturing is all in Japan, achieving supreme quality. In summary fishing with the the Mofe 50MS is perfect so take aim, attack the surface, enjoy the bites.

Supremo Mofe 50MS tech. specifications

Weight: 6g

Length: 50mm

Width: 8mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)

Hook: ST36BC #14





Absolutely love this lure ! Landed my PB trout with it. 🙂

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