Bassday Sugar Minnow 40F

Bassday Sugar Minnow 40F imitates a swimming minnow. It will respond to rod movements such as twitching. Also a steady retrieve will result in an action predators find irresistible. The lure casts extremely well and for its size is very tough. All in all the Bassday Sugar Minnow 40F is a lure for anglers of all persuasions.


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Bassday Sugar Minnow 40F

Regarded as a classic the Sugar Minnow is in anglers lure boxes in every corner of the world. The most popular sizes of 40mm and 50mm try to imitate the main food or predators – bait fish. Anglers can add an extra layer to the action of the minnow by twitching. It then resembles a dying fish. Even a steady retrieve will give anglers the desired result – bites. The shifting center of gravity adds distance to the cast. The narrow lip make the lure wobble and roll at a steady pace even in fast flowing streams. To conclude the Sugar Minnow 40F does the job and does it well it will attract anything that moves in the water.


Bassday Sugar Minnow 40F tech. specifications

Weight: 1.5g

Length: 40mm

Working depth: 0.2 – 0.4m

Lure type: Floating (F)





Working depth

0.2 – 0.4m

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