Supremo Mofe

A selection of lures from the Supremo Mofe series. Choose from a variety of sizes, weights, working depths to suit your fishing conditions.

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Supremo Mofe 50MS

Supremo Mofe 50MS best described as an energetic, magnificent surface dancer. Has an active range for fast flowing surface water. The traditional mold of the minnow has been broken by new technologies. The “Double Lip System” & “Belly Kicker” added to the revolution. Besides the lure can be fully utilized in headwaters, small streams. Moreover the Double lip system allows the lure to emit fast and powerful underwater vibrations. What is more the flight posture is incomparable to anything else in the market due to a balanced center of gravity.


Supremo Mofe 50SS

Supremo Mofe 50SS is a energetic surface dancer. Most shines in fast flowing surface waters. The aim of the Mofe models is threw technologies to break the traditional mold of a minnow. The “Double Lip System” & “Belly Kicker” adds unique features only known in Supremo lures. Further more the lure can be successful in headwaters or small streams. Also the “Double lip system” allows the minnow to create speedy and powerful vibrations that travel underwater.


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