Megabass Griffon

A selection of lures from the Megabass Griffon. Choose from a variety of sizes, weights, working depths to suit your fishing conditions.

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Megabass Baby Griffon Kare Houshi

Megabass Baby Griffon

Megabass Baby Griffon is a new member of the ever expanding Griffon series. Inheriting the golden ratio construction of the original Griffon crankbait. As the name indicates this is a baby-size Griffon for finesse application. Using its tail as a pivot point, its head swings are both wild and violent.

Megabass Baby Griffon Zero Pellet

Megabass Baby Griffon Zero

Megabass Baby Griffon Zero is top-water bug bait based on our popular Griffon Series. Tuned by I.T.O. Compared with Griffon, it has a wider body and the Shaft Balancer built in. Also the Water Intake in its underside. When retrieved with your rod tip high, ZERO will dog-walk at high speed somewhat like the Megabass X-80 PROP-DARTER.


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