Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S

The Athlete series influenced the design of the Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S. Designed to attract and catch as many trout as possible in deep water. Anglers who are just getting started will find the Jackson lure simple to handle.


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Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S has its inspiration from the Athlete series. Developed for deep water with a goal to lure and catch as many trout as possible. Anglers that are starting out will find the minnow easy to control. When twitching the Jackson lure will display an extra layer of movement. This will attract even wary trout. The minnow attract not only trout, but perch, pike, asp, chub. It gives the angler total control and bend to his or her will. A normal retrieve will give a steady side to side action.

The traditional minnow shape slide threw water with little resistance. Although the minnow is only 45mm bigger fish will attack it . At 2.5gr. the minnow is heavy enough to cast to spots you need to reach. The reduced body size eases the pull even with a longer lip. Making it seem like a normal minnow. The important aspect is the rapid start up and stability. The head dives deep and reaches water levels at which fish bite.

Tenacious even in rapid flow. Attack rapid down streams without hesitance. To protect the lip from interactions with stones at river beds it has is a special shape making the tip thicker. This protects it from damage. The Trout Tune Deep is a stable in most anglers lure boxes. When you need to reach deeper areas there is no substitute. In addition to all this the Trout Tune is easy to control with guaranteed results in the field.

The vibrant color options where created by hours of field tests on the banks. In conclusion as with all Japanese lures quality can be felt threw out and the Jackson Trout Tune Deep is no exception.

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S tech. specifications

Weight: 2.5g

Length: 45mm

Lure type: Sinking(S)





Lure type

Sinking (S)

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