Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F

The Athlete series gave birth to the Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F. Created with one purpose in mind: to catch as many fish as possible in deeper locations. Even inexperienced fisherman will have little trouble controlling the lure.


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Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F has its root in the Athlete series. Created for deeper areas with one goal in mind – to catch as many trout as possible. The Jackson lure is easy to control even for novice anglers. Furthermore twitching produces hyper actions, movements which attract fish.

The minnow attract not only trout, but perch, pike, asp, chub. You can feel it moving to your will and techniques. A normal retrieve will give a steady side to side action.

The classic Jackson minnow shape cuts the air upon cast and water when retrieving. Although the minnow is only 45mm in size bigger fish do not hesitate to attack. At 2gr. the minnow is heavy enough to cast it a decent distance to reach the perfect spot. Considered a “work horse” among many anglers, the Trout Tune is in most seasoned anglers bait boxes.
But this should not scare less experienced anglers from purchasing this lures. It is easy to control with guaranteed results in the field. Designed to look natural with excellent play in a variety of retrieves. Sharp in fast flowing and in calm waters. Equipped with two durable hooks.
The vibrant color options where created by hours of field tests on the banks. In conclusion as with all Japanese lures quality can be felt threw out and the Trout Tune Deep is no exception.

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F tech. specifications

Weight: 2g

Length: 45mm

Lure type: Floating (F)





Lure type

Floating (F)

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