Jackson Trout tune

A selection of lures from the Jackson Trout tune series. Choose from a variety of sizes, weights, working depths to suit your fishing conditions.

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Jackson Classic Snap

Jackson Classic Snap

A little snap to assist you easily change lures. It is critical not to squander time on the bank. As a result, a snap is an excellent time saver.


Jackson Trout Tune 55F

The Athlete series gave birth to the Jackson Trout Tune 55F. It was designed with one objective in mind: to catch as many native trout as possible. All fisherman will have no trouble controlling this lure. You may feel it respond to your will and skills with tact.


Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F

The Athlete series gave birth to the Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F. Created with one purpose in mind: to catch as many fish as possible in deeper locations. Even inexperienced fisherman will have little trouble controlling the lure.


Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S

The Athlete series influenced the design of the Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S. Designed to attract and catch as many trout as possible in deep water. Anglers who are just getting started will find the Jackson lure simple to handle.


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