Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. DR

The Khamsin Jr. DR suspending lure from Zipbaits is the deep diving variant of the Khamsin JR series. Typical The Khamsin series lures were designed specifically for catching bigmouth bass and have a shad shape. However, after demonstrating exceptional working abilities, they were able to attract other predators. It suspends in the strike zone, increasing the angler’s chances of hooking up. The original form of the body, suggestive of a crucian carp, distinguishes it.


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Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. DR

Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. DR silent suspending is the deep diving version of the Khamsin Jr. series of lures. Typical Shad shape, the Khamsin lures were developed primarily for catching bigmouth bass. But having shown outstanding working qualities, conquered other predatory inhabitants of the underwater world. It suspends in the strike zone giving the angler a greater chance of a hookup. Distinguished by the original shape of the body, reminiscent of a crucian carp.

There are three dimensional modifications. Which also differ in diving depth, depending on the size of the lip. Small lip models (SR), designed to work at shallow depths, can be successfully used both with uniform reeling and with stops (stop and go). Also respond well to mild twitching, attracting large perch and pike. The larger lip (DR) models feature high-frequency play with significant amplitude. They get to deeper waters, where they also successfully provoke pike, perch, zander, larger trout.

Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. DR features patented Mag-Drive system and Internal Tungsten weight and Magnet system for great casting and action on the retrieve.


Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. DR tech. specifications

Weight: 4.2g

Length: 50mm

Working depth: 1 – 1.5m





Working depth

1 – 1.5m

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