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Bassday Bun

With wobbling and a huge wake, Bassday Bun turns the tables. Their amusing insect-like shape offers excellent fishing opportunities. Bass, Trout, and tiny Trevally are all popular targets. Furthermore, when worked repeatedly with short jerks, Bassday BUN demonstrates its overall balance. Perfect for chub fishing as a shallow crank.


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Bassday Bun

Bassday Bun 30F crank bait is a premium Japanese lure that is deceptively real. Their bodies are reminiscent of a large beetle. Thus produces big hits. Although at 30mm and weighting 4.5g when used in the correct situations it is a top surface crank for chub and trout.

Another secret of this hit machine is in its action. Equipped with a size #8 triple hook and a almost vertically downward pointing lip. This produces a constant action below the surface. It creates a wake that spreads out in a v-shape. The hungry fish can interpret as a bug in distress. The deepest the lure will dive is about 30cm. When it is in its working depth it has a high frequency wobbling action. It runs also dead straight. Inside the crank bait is a tungsten weight shifting system. It provides good stability and casting distance. Hot spots can be check with ease.

Bassday produces special running behaviors, but also detailed and high quality lures. Ultralight fishing fanatics will be especially pleased about the multicolored shimmering decorations.

Bassday Bun tech. specifications

Weight: 4.5g

Length: 30mm

Lure type: Floating (F)





Great little lure, perfect for chub and trout fishing from the surface. Also thanks for fast shipping !

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