Zipbaits Rigge 56S

The Zipbaits Rigge 56S is a model with a unique form and a lot of flash. The most common Rigge line is size 56, which has shown itself while fishing for practically all predators, including brook and rainbow trout, perch, medium-sized pike, asp, chub, and ide.


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Zipbaits Rigge 56S

Zipbaits Rigge 56S a model with a unique shape and strong flashing appeal. In the Rigge line size 56 is the most popular, it has proven itself when fishing almost all predators, including brook trout and rainbow trout kept in area ponds, perch, medium-sized pike, asp, chub, ide.

This is a universal minnow. Wide variations of this model enable you to correspond to many different kinds of fields. The minnow can attack the upper stream all the way through to down stream.

The branded, slightly humped, elongated body shape, are proportions traditional for the minnow class. It provides a low-amplitude, low-frequency play. It is these technical characteristics that determine the most effective method for animating is active twitching, rather than uniform retrieve.

The Rigge 56S weights are made from very high density material – tungsten. Because of this it is able to perform the same function as an equal amount of lead in around half the cubic v0lume. As a result the Zipbaits lure has a very low centre of balance. Consequently it creates a strong rolling action along with an extremely stable characteristic action.

Moreover, it maintains the necessary balance even when twitching and jerking. The special reflective system of the Zipbaits lure helps to attract the predator.


Zipbaits Rigge 56S tech. specifications

Weight: 3.6g

Length: 56mm

Working depth: 0.9 – 1.4m

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Working depth

0.9 – 1.4m

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