DUO Tetra Works Toto 42F

The DUO Tetra Works Toto has shown itself in fast-moving streams. The rapid tempo doesn’t interfere with the action. The Toto 42F also captures predators in ponds with still water. The most crucial thing is to become proficient in the difficult but effective stop-and-go retrieval technique.


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DUO Tetra Works Toto 42F

DUO Tetra Works Toto is highly recommended in swift streams. The tiny minnow known as DUO Toto was developed in Japan. Due to the exceptional performance, European anglers rapidly noticed it. River and lake fish like perch, pike, pike perch, asp, and chub all grasp the Toto.

It is used successfully by spinning athletes for trout and grayling fishing. Fast flow has no negative effects on the action. Predators are also caught by the Toto 42F in calm water ponds. The key is to learn the challenging but useful stop-and-go retrieval.

Upon landing the minnow produces a enticing splash. Bites are most likely to happen during this time. When fishing in greater currents, the floating DUO TOTO has proven to be effective. And the very exciting play is not at all hampered by the current.

Its erratic movements give the impression that it is a lost hatchling. Floating versions motion is comprised of rolling and wobbling. The hard bait as a whole emits unique movements that resemble the behavior of tiny minnows.

For such a tiny minnow the DUO Tetra Works Toto 42F has enormous potential. Never be hesitant to improvise with various recovery techniques and colorations; the fish will “appreciate” it.


DUO Tetra Works Toto 42F tech. specifications

Weight: 1.8g

Length: 42mm

Working depth: 0.2 – 0.5m

Lure type: Floating (F)





Working depth

0.2 – 0.5m

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