DUO Spearhead Ryuki Spinner 3.5g

Such a design truly stands out while casting the spinner upstream. Furthermore across or downstream, while retrieving, throw it at any angle. The SPEARHEAD RYUKI SPINNER will rotate steadily. Even with extremely slow retrieves, the petal turns quite nicely. The lure is moving against the tide as it turns steadily.


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DUO Spearhead Ryuki Spinner 3.5g

DUO Spearhead Ryuki Spinner DUO’s first spinner! Authentic core with original in-line construction and a lot of volume. Weights for the two versions are 3.5g and 5g.

Blade: an iconic fastened without a collar, in line. Fish can see the lure from a great distance away due to its strong vibration.

When fishing the spinner upstream, such a design really shines through. Additionally across or downstream throw it at any angle while retrieving. The movement of the SPEARHEAD RYUKI SPINNER will be steady. The petal rotates quite well even on very slowly retrieves. The lure rotates steadily while moving against the current.

The spinner is coated with a superior material. Natural, vivid, holographic, and metallized original colors are all included. Even a radical black hue can be found in the line.

Axis: made of stainless steel with an incorporated swivel and an aiming point-designating bright bead close to the hook.

A winding ring is attached to a high-quality hook. This design decreases the number of empty bites while having excellent mobility. It also makes changing the hook simple. Select a treble with feathers, a unique single hook, and a soft suspension.

DUO Spearhead Ryuki Spinner 3.5g tech. spec.

Weight: 3.5g.

Colour code

ACC0590, ACC0591, ACC4044, PHA0055, PJA4013, PJA4019, PJA4068, PJA4140, PNA4010, PNA4034, PSA0588, PSA0589, PSA4026



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