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Jackall Chubby 41F SSR

At a size that appeals to a wide range of estuary and freshwater species, Chubby’s have a tight, wide action that screams for attention. Whether you want to slow roll them over weed beds or stab and dart them among structure, Chubby’s will convert lookers into scorers.


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Jackall Chubby 41F SSR

Jackall Chubby 41F SSR stands out as a popular crank lure crafted by a reputable manufacturer, primarily tailored for chub fishing. However, it’s advised to equip a sturdy leader beforehand as pike often find it irresistible.

Measuring in at four grams and thirty-one millimeters, its rounded design enables impressive casting distances. Though its inner pellets aren’t large, they emit enough sound to allure fish from afar, evident by the considerable number of bites. Its attractive coloring further adds to its appeal, ensuring fish won’t easily overlook it.

In terms of performance, the Jackall Chubby 41F SSR remains remarkably stable in swift currents, avoiding any concerns of capsizing. Its vibrations, while not the most intense, strike a balance between low and high frequencies, offering a satisfactory “happy medium.”

In summary, the Jackall Chubby 41F SSR boasts a comprehensive array of features seldom found in a single lure. Its compact design renders it incredibly versatile, appealing to a wide range of species including perch, trout, pike, and bass.


Jackall Chubby 41F SSR tech. specifications

Weight: 5.7g

Length: 41mm

Lure type: Floating (F)

Working depth: 0 – 0.2m





Working depth

0 – 0.2m

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