Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F MDR

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F is a very light lure, and because of its size, a variety of fish find it to be appealing. Nevertheless, chub, perch, asp, trout, and grayling remain the primary trophies.


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Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F MDR

,Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F MDR is a small and compact crank lure. Red Rag, the most well-liked member of the Pontoon21 crank family. Finally it has a long-awaited addition. Baby Red Rag has a body length of 32 mm. It weighs 4.8g as a shallow water (SR) version. And 5.1g as a medium-deep water (MDR) version.

As close to the “original” Red Rag as it gets on the inside and outside of the bait. It also has the same plump body, form, and geometry. There are two balancing balls and a built-in “mirror” with a logo within. The MI index appears in the name of color selections with an integrated “mirror”. Baby Red Rag maintains all the attributes of the traditional Red Rag, including long casting distance, stream stability, play, and colors.

Also for area trout fishing enthusiasts, the Area variants of the crank have been added. The R41 MP Bait, R42 Ghost BOH, R43 Mustard Yamame, R44 Pink Yamame and R45 Fluored.

The crank stands out from the vast majority of other tiny cranks thanks to its own special characteristics. These loops are used to secure bait hooks. Moreover, they are parallel to the bait axis. With this solution, the hooks’ impact on the lure’s active play is reduced. Another benefit is that local fishermen may readily outfit the Baby Red Rag with micro-oscillators in place of ordinary hooks. As the back loop is practically on the lure’s back, there is no overlap between the hooks.

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F MDR tech. specifications

Weight: 5.1g

Length: 32mm

Working depth: 0.8 – 1.0m

Lure type: Floating (F)


Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F MDR versions

Available in two depths – Shallow Runner (SR) and Medium-Deep Runner (MDR) and 20 color options. By its purpose, Baby Red Rag is a universal bait. The working depth of the Shallow Runner (SR) version is 0.2-0.4 m, the Medium-Deep Runner (MDR) – 0.8-1.0 m. The crank works well even in the strongest current and attracts fish in stagnant water from a far thanks to active play. The small size is attractive to a wide variety of fish. Still, the main trophies are chub, perch, ide, asp, trout, grayling and small salmon.





Lure type

Floating (F)

Working depth

0.8 – 1m

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