Jackson Komachi 45F

The Jackson Komachi 45F is very stable, thank to a tightly fixed weight. Perfect for twitching the quick responses from the lure entice the fish to bite. Also it is a floating type thus distinctive waves on the surface can be seen the retrieving. The lure has high catching potential although it looks cute.


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Jackson Komachi 45F

This minnow might be the most famous and best baits from Jackson. It has a very distinct shape and reminds of an overgrown bait fish. it has a micro lip which has minimal resistance to water. Thus the lure drives one the surface of the water. Additional jerks and twitches adds play to make the Komachi irresistible to predators. When twitching the minnow deviates from the original trajectory and entices the fish to bite. The most common catch when attacking with such a fishing method are perch. On a consistent retrieve chub and asp are curious and will not hesitate to attack the lure. The lure has a high stability not only when retrieve, but also when casting. This translates to superior casting distance. All so this is achieved with a tightly fixed weight. Also because it is a floating type it makes distinctive waves on the surface. The lure has high potential even if it looks cute.

All in all it is a universal lure that has many applications. It works no most retrieves and a wide selection of fish will attack it.


Jackson Komachi 45F tech. specifications

Weight: 2g

Length: 45mm

Lure type: Floating (F)





Lure type

Floating (F)

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