ultralight fishing

Ultralight fishing

Small trout river
Two river patches

Two river patches   The heatwave across Europe has hit Lithuania as well. Its 30C with no clouds in sight, not the best weather report for angling. Still the fishing...

Small River
Trout fishing in a small river

Trout fishing in a small river   Here we go again. A new season is well upon us. Already had a couple of outings and only the last brought any...


Autumn   Its October 2nd. and trout season is over, but still need to scratch my fishing itch. So I am heading out for some chub. The river is mid...

Monster Chub
Big river, big chub

Big river, big chub Big River Fishing a small river is straight forward. Every fallen tree, boulder, river loop, low hanging branch with shade is potential for a catch. An...

Autumn fishing in rivers
Autumn fishing in rivers. A nostalgia trip.

September 2nd. Autumn fishing in rivers always brings up memories of my childhood. Visiting my parents this weekend. Will be fishing a river where It all began, hundreds of...

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