Early Morning Fishing: Trout and Pike in a small forest River

Early Morning Fishing: Trout and Pike in a small forest River

Friday Morning: Before Work Fishing

Friday morning, I seized the opportunity to fish before work. At 5:15, I left for the river, ready for an early start. By 6 am, I was in my waders, heading to the river hidden behind a steep ledge and dense foliage. First impressions were promising—the river was pristine, nestled in a forest valley.

I started casting and got my first bite about ten minutes in. A small trout chased the lure, jabbed, and fled. A good sign. Now, I just needed to find the right spot and deliver the lure perfectly. As I continued, I came across a breached beaver dam. The river had carved its way around the dam, creating fast-flowing water and, beyond that, a calmer pool. I cast there. On the third cast, I landed a nice trout. The lucky lure was a Tiemco Imeru.

I pressed onward. The river was picturesque, with early morning songbirds creating a peaceful atmosphere. The only problem was the mosquitoes. They were relentless, biting my hands, neck, shoulders, and face. Unfortunately, I had no repellent.

Further along, I had two bites in succession. This time, it wasn’t trout but small pike. At least they didn’t snap my line. The river’s flow changed and calmed, and the river widened. I hoped for a bigger trout in this area, but after 20 minutes, I had nothing.

An interesting find was a whole deer skeleton. The sight was quite gruesome, a stark reminder of nature’s harsh realities amidst the serene surroundings.

The next bite came just as the lure landed near a log where the flow created a perfect hiding spot for trout. A fierce 30 cm trout was soon in my landing net. I continued for another 30 minutes without any more bites and decided to wrap up the trip.

In total, I fished for just three hours but had great results. I might return to this river but will try another patch next time.

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