Summer trout fishing. Bitter sweet ending.

August 15th.

Summer trout fishing, nothing can beat wading threw a fresh stream in a green pine forest. Any chance I get to go fishing I used it. A national holiday – time to fish. I pick up a friend and we set off. Heading to a river known to both. It has ample amounts of trout. As long as we have the right lure, a presentation that suits the fish, an understanding where the trout lurk, right angles to hit the lure, clear but not too clear water, stable water levels we are guaranteed a catch. Simple. Right ?

We stop at a gas station for the ritual – a cup of coffee and a fishing license. 20 minutes later we are at the spot. The river is drastically low, but we are optimistic. I start with a Pontoon21 Greedy Guts 44F-SR, Spanish Red, a staple this season. Cast after cast, nothing is biting, water is just too low the sun is tropical the heat is giving us a hard time. 2 hours later with no trout insight we decide not to waste time and head to a patch further upstream.

We make the right decision, soon enough I hook my first trout, a small one, nonetheless satisfying to have the rod bend. Continuing upstream rod keeps shaking, bite after bite, but no hook ups. We conclude that it is small grayling chasing, nibbling our lures. We can see them quite clearly scattering to all sides as we wade the river. This continues for another hour or so. I cast to a shady area created by low hanging branches the lure disappears upon landing, fish on ! A somewhat decent trout. Not far from 35cm, beautiful colours. My friend still has no fish, but the grayling keep biting and after some effort he hooks one. I manage to reel in another small trout. And have a monster bite, but as soon as I realize I have a big fish hooked it already had spit my lure out. 20 minutes we decide to head home. 4 fish in a new spot, not bad considering how we started the day.

August 18th.

Saturday, I decide to check the same river patch. Lazy morning, around 10:30 I set out, only to turn around 15 minutes later to get my waders… With everything double checked I head out… again. I arrive and start moving upstream, get a couple of nibbles straight away, but after that something seemed off, areas where I was getting bites on Wednesday, seemed empty. I continue casting, checking all potential spots. I start hearing voices (not in my head, thank goodness) minutes later a steady stream of kayakers start drifting past me. Was not too pleased to say the least. In between kayakers I try to cast and soon enough I catch my first grayling, I small fella, but still very pleased, since it is my first on a spinning rod.

The stream of kayakers continue, messing with my vibe and mood. After wading another 1km with no more bites a decide to end the day, I cast one more time hoping for a hail Mary trout, instead my lure ends up in the nearby brush, I tug the rod a couple of times, lure still stuck, I lean in to untangle, I see the end of my Tenryu Lunakia Sonic hanging, snapped clean. 5cm broken off. Dreadful feeling for any angler….the drive home was pretty depressing.

August 19th.

Sunday, day three, same river patch. Third time’s the charm, right ? This time my friend joins me. I start of with a Meps Aglia Size 0 Bronze colour, on first cast I get a small grayling. Friend starts with a nymph, he hooks a small grayling quite quickly as well.

The bites continue threw the day. Was surprised by the amount of bites, as the day went on I caught trout after trout. They weren’t too big, but still satisfying to feel the strike and the rod shake.

Near the end of the day I hooked my PB grayling right by my feet around 30-35cm. A real beautiful and ferocious fish.

Ended the day with 3 grayling and 6 trout and around 9 more fish shaking off, friend was not as lucky ending the day with 1 grayling and 2 trout.

Guess the river gods decided to be generous since yesterday my rod broke. Three last last summer trout fishing outings. A bittersweet ending to a great summer of fishing.

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Your blog posts are such a delight to read! Your stories are wonderfully detailed and honestly, make me want to go trout fishing haha. I also want to say that your pictures are absolutely stunning and are such amazing visuals to your blog. Thank you so much for this

Thank you Jahannes, your kind words mean a lot. I hope to keep them coming. Also it is great to know it makes people want to experience trout fishing. By the way your order is ready for shipping. Thank you again and tight lines !

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