Autumn fishing in rivers. A nostalgia trip.

September 2nd.

Autumn fishing in rivers always brings up memories of my childhood. Visiting my parents this weekend. Will be fishing a river where It all began, hundreds of hours spent learning numerous lessons not only about lure fishing, but also feeder and float. I plan to kill two birds with one stone and start at a small inflow, make my way downstream to the main river – Nevėžis. The inflow – Šušvė has perch, pike and chub, but the river is divided by a couple of dams, creating contrasting patches. A cup of coffee, a delicious homemade breakfast and I am off. Super excited to test out a new piece of gear the Mavic Air. After a 20 minute drive I turn off the main road. 2km later the dirt road ends by a cemetery. I am greeted by a huge wooden cross an eery feeling confounds me.
I prep my gear – Megabass Shoreluck and Rarenium 2500, leave my car at the cemetery parking lot and head to the river. Past some brush the river view opens up. Super low water levels – around 20cm, the bottom is a mix of algae and weeds. I start as usual with a Pontoon21 Greedy Guts. Deeper river patches seem non existent, hooks catch plant life on every cast. Still I manage to find a small chub who was willing to strike the plug. Further on the landscape changes, river banks rise creating a picturesque panorama, took the opportunity to play around with the drone, snapped a couple of shots and moved on.

Soon enough I hit the main river. Very shallow, summer of intense heat left a mark, but the area seems good for chub, asp. Change the lure to the Meps Aglia Bronze size 1, the sun hits the spinner wonderfully. A small perch was tempted to take a bite and ends up in my landing net, feisty little bugger.

Further on disturbed water. Minnows scattering to survive Asp or Chub attacks, I head towards the action. Casting had to be precise weeds were abundant. I cast 15m out, immediately an Asp strikes at about 30cm depth, surprising, but not unusual for them, the strike itself felt like a jolt of lightning threw the rod. The line sways to one side, I continue reeling in the fish, the size of the asp compared to the strike was remarkable. A 36cm silver beauty. I take a pic and let it go. What followed were 2 more Asp with the same exhilarating strikes, I miss another 2 hits.

All in a river patch no longer than 15 metres. After 4h of wading, pleasantly amazed with the fish caught I end the day. I heard old fisherman talking about asp in this river from childhood, but never have I hooked one until now. Again autumn fishing in rivers did not dissapoint. It was a nostalgic and a great day !

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