Forest Crystal 3g

In Japan, Forest Crystal spoons are a favorite trout bait. It wobbles steadily without darting or erratic movements. Without altering activities, you may easily maintain the swimming range by changing the retrieve speed and weight. Comes with a single thin wire barbless hook.


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Forest Crystal 3g

Forest Crystal 3g is a top-quality spoon that is widely used as trout bait in Japan. The lure’s steady wobbling action, without any darting or irregular movements, makes it an excellent choice for catching fish in calm waters. The Crystal spoon has an elongated shape that optimizes the unique swimming characteristics of the Miu series.

This spoon has a greater propensity to penetrate the water and swim at higher speeds, making it easy to maintain a consistent swimming range by adjusting retrieve speed and weight without changing actions. The Forest Crystal 3g comes with a fine wire barbless single hook that is sharp and durable, ensuring a secure catch.

The lure is available in various colors, and its high-quality design makes it a favorite among anglers worldwide. Whether you’re fishing in freshwater streams or rivers, the Forest Crystal 3g is an excellent choice for catching trout and other species. With its exceptional swimming characteristics, this spoon is sure to attract even the most elusive fish.


Forest Crystal tech. specifications

Weight: 3g



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