Shallow running

Shallow running lures attack the upper part of the water.

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Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR

Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR

The balance system on the Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR is unique. In addition to the Cheerful family’s signature form. A little, silent hard lure shaped like a shad. Because of its small size, it may be used for both ultralight and light tackle fishing.


Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F MDR

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F is a very light lure, and because of its size, a variety of fish find it to be appealing. Nevertheless, chub, perch, asp, trout, and grayling remain the primary trophies.


Pontoon21 Greedy Guts 44F SR

The Greedy Guts 44F SR tries to imitate an overgrown fry. It has a particular shape with saggy, full belly. This design is not random. Inside the belly part of the lure there are two metal balls. These weights are part of the Mag Force II system. This structure creates a perfectly balanced Pontonn21 minnow. A dramatic action is made possible at any retrieve speed. Twitching, jerking, stop and go no matter what fishing method is your favorite they all work with the Greedy Guts. Anglers that have perfected this Pontoon21 lure can achieve unique movements. A big plus of this Greedy Guts line is the variety of colors.


Pontoon21 Greedy Guts 44SP SR

The Greedy Guts 44SP SR is a hard bait with a particular shape. The appearance resembles an overgrown fry with a saggy, full belly. Due to an uncommon center of gravity the hang of the bait is exceptional. This design is not random. In the belly of the Pontoon21 minnow there are two balancing weights. They are part of the Mag Force Balance II system. At any speed of retrieve the Greedy Guts has a artistic action.


Pontoon21 Greedy Guts 55SP SR

The Greedy Guts 55SP SR has unique shape. Combined with an unusual location of center of gravity results an improved balance. Mag Force II is at the heart of the minnow. A lure with expressive movement at any speed of retrieve. Jerking, twitching, ripping, pumping, etc. – with the Greedy Guts 55SP SR you become a magician. In conclusion dictate the way the lure moves.


Zipbaits Hickory SR

Anglers requested lighter fatty crank baits, therefore the Zipbaits Hickory SR series was born. ZipBaits’ was bound to be influenced by the popularity of ultralight gear. The name alludes to their body shape’s resemblance to the American Hickory nut.

Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. SR

Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. SR is a silent suspending, deep diving version of the Khamsin Jr. series of lures. Developed for catching bigmouth bass the Shad has a standard shape. As time went on the Zipbaits lure showed amazing performance with other predatory fish in lakes and rivers. The unique feature of suspending in the strike zone gives anglers a better chance for a hookup. The body shape reminds of a small crucian carp. The series have three main modifications that allows them to attack different water levels. The size of the lip dictates the working depth, thus this is the main difference between the lures.


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