Pontoon21 Red Rag 36F SR

Long-term tests and research led to the creation of Pontoon21 Red Rag 36F. High degrees of stability at fast retrieving speeds cause high frequency wobbles. The Pontoon21 Red Rag is the greatest crank lure of its kind for the money thanks to a mix of qualities.


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Pontoon21 Red Rag 36F SR

Pontoon21 Red Rag 36F is the result of long experiments and research. High frequency wobbles with the high levels of stability at high retrieve speeds. This combination of features makes the Red Rag, the best such crank lure for the price.
Each version (SSR, SR, MDR) has its own specific balance system. Pontoon21 Red Rag lures can fish from the surface (the depth of retrieving of SSR is around 5 cm only!) till the depth 1,5 m (MDR version) with high speed retrieving.
These lures have a short high volume body. Within which there’s a perfectly secured sinker-balancer. Which determines the correct position of the lure in water. And greatly influences long-range and accurate casts. Besides, it is due to the position of the balancer that the lure emits a lot of noise. The acoustic vibrations are not only audible, but also tangible with the help of the rod.
On the whole, the action of Red Rag lures is distinct even at a very high speed of retrieve and fast streams. The crank moves at the very surface of water, creating an attractive wake. Which leaves no predator indifferent, including chub, asp, perch.
SR version can go as deep as 1,5 meters. Which does not only enable the straight retrieve, but also apply stop-and-go retrieve. And it is this method that influences the predators. Not only does Red Rag 36F MDR modification enables to work at deeper places, but also “plough” the bottom. Due to the advanced lip this lure can overcome some almost all obstacles like stones and snags without any difficulties.

Pontoon21 Red Rag 36F SR tech. specifications

Weight: 5.7g

Length: 36mm

Working depth: 0.4 – 0.6m

Lure type: Floating (F)





Working depth

0.4 – 0.6m

Lure type

Floating (F)

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