Megabass Great Hunting GH64 Humpback

The Megabass Great Hunting GH64 Humpback series features a body that is significantly taller than typical minnows. The body is molded to be extremely lean. This results in the high-speed roll action on retrieve being visually portrayed.


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Megabass Great Hunting GH64 Humpback

Megabass Great Hunting GH64 Humpback is a unique and effective lure that’s perfect for anglers who demand the best performance from their fishing gear. This lure stands out from typical minnows with its substantially taller body and thin primary component, which creates a high-speed roll action on retrieve. And intensifies flickering and shape changes brought on by twitching.

What sets the Megabass Great Hunting GH64 Humpback apart in the minnow class is its high specific gravity and rearward center of gravity balancing. This design enables superior casting and allows the angler to reach the desired area quickly and accurately. Even in strong and complicated currents. The lure performs as the angler intends, attracting large trout and other gamefish with ease.

Anglers can choose from a variety of color variations to suit any light and weather situation. Additionally, the Megabass Humpback is part of the Great Hunting series, which includes the Humpback, Squirrel, and Baby Popper lures. Each lure in this series is designed to meet the unique challenges of different fishing environments, and anglers can benefit from using multiple lures in the series to maximize their chances of success.

For those who want the ultimate in fishing performance, the Megabass Humpback GH64 is a must-have in their tackle box. Combine it with other lures in the Great Hunting series, such as the Megabass Humback GH64, for an unbeatable fishing experience that’s sure to impress even the most seasoned anglers.


Megabass Great Hunting GH64 tech. specifications

Weigth: 8.3g

Length: 64mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Lure type

Sinking (S)

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