Overview of Winter

Winter trout fishing

Winter is over, well sort of…the calendar indicates it is spring, but reaching hidden streams still requires trekking threw a snow covered forest floor. This winter has been challenging. 5 rivers fished, 22km of bank covered 5 lures left behind, with a tally of 5 trout. Some might think it is a disappointment considering the effort and time invested, but it is not always about the catch. Experiencing nature and learning new lessons along the way is priceless.

January 1st.

Trout season is open. While most were making their way home from a night of partying (reminded a scene from the walking dead) I was already at the river. Heavy snowfall and gusty winds made casting challenging, I managed to land two trout in 2 hours. Then I fall hip deep in ice cold water abruptly ending the fishing trip. Although bummed out that my clumsiness ended what might of been many more trout it was a great start to the New Year. A pleasant surprise was that the harsh weather did not affect the trout whatsoever maybe even helped. Next couple of trips I tried finding new hunting grounds with no luck. Rivers looked promising, tons of depth changes, river bends, obstacles for trout to lurk in, but no fish, my only guess that the fish might of been further upstream closer to their nesting grounds.

February 17th.

One and a half trout in 3h. A straight river patch gifted the first. SV Lures spoon did its job. A good 30min later I come across a calm patch of river and the cause – a beaver dam. The area, perfect for trout. I has confident I would get a bit. On the first cast as I was reeling I felt something heavy at the other end. A fatty brown trout. He gave a good 2min fight, before ending up in the landing net, but as a last attempt for freedom he started doing “death rolls” the landing net is quite shallow and I was off balance looking for my footing on the steep bank so the fish escaped. Left me a token – a busted up minnow… Shows how much strength these fish have.

February 27th.

Was the last trip this winter. Icy river banks and high water levels made the conditions challenging, but all the more interesting. Getting the trout to bite was hard, but SV Lures Koketka did the trick. Although just one trout reached the landing net, it was a satisfying day of fishing.


Winter trout fishing is hard and I needed to do more with my lures. I am not a fan of soft baits, but they might of been the key for more successful trips. Also different types of hard lures might of helped – shallow running, mid and deep running. Also need to play around with the retrieve rates, starting and stopping the lures, twitching it more. Could of done the same with the spoons lures, dropping them to the bottom and dragging them with short burst. Plenty more things come to mind, but it is what it is. The more I fish the more I learn.

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