Chub fishing

As the sun rises I prepare my kayak for a day of chub fishing. The plan is to target chub, before they become passive in the midday heat. In hand my trusty megabass shoreluck paired with a shimano vanquish 2000. As I head out water tension is disturbed by chub breaching the water surface. I start casting a small 2gr. SV lures spoon. The water is clear so I can see the lure with ease, fish look with interest, follow for a couple of feet, but do not bite. I change lures. Minnows nothing, surface cranks nothing, spinners get a couple of hits so I leave it for the rest of the day.

I look for shallow patches with fast flow in between plants, big chub like these areas. I set my kayak on the bank and start casting around a potential hiding spot. A rocky bottom and shade created by low tree branches. With the first cast I get a monster hit, the reel break starts clicking and the rod bends midway, the fish heads straight for the weeds I try to course correct him, but he is having none of it. So I move in closer and lift the fish closer to the surface, I reach with the landing net and gently scoop him in. A ~40cm chub with darkened colours, bright red fins. I take a couple of shots and set the fella free.

Energized I continue to cast. Further down river conditions start getting harder. With each cast I bring in weeds. At this point I wish I had a #3 fly rod with some bugs, still a couple small perch, chub take the bait. The sun is blistering, the chub continue breaching the surface, but I cannot get them to bite anything I offer. I cool off by leaving my kayak and wading for 40min, in the process I reel in a couple more perch. As I step fish scatter to their hidden spots, I see roach, chub, perch, asp, bleak, vimba breams. My childhood river is clean and filled with fish it makes me pleased. As the clock hits 14pm, the heat is too much and I decide to head home. Great day of chub fishing with plenty of extras.

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