Winter trout fishing

Winter trout fishing

Winter trout fishing
Winter fishing for trout

2020 started of slow. Five fishing trips all with the same result. No trout, few bites and a lot of guesses why the fish are not biting. Finally on the...

No trout

January 1st As tradition January 1st is spent trout fishing. Found a small river I have never tried, minimal info on the web, going in blindly. After a 40 minute...

Overview of Winter

Winter trout fishing Winter is over, well sort of...the calendar indicates it is spring, but reaching hidden streams still requires trekking threw a snow covered forest floor. This winter has...

Winter trout fishing

Start to the year   Winter trout fishing is always special. It means that the season has opened and it is my first outing for trout in the last 3-4...

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