Its October 2nd. and trout season is over, but still need to scratch my fishing itch. So I am heading out for some chub. The river is mid sized, potential patches were scouted during a summer kayak trip. It s about a 30min car ride away. Although the skies were cloudy they cleared up and the sun was out. I start with a Tsuyoki Swing brown, black and dashes of gold. Downstream I see a fly fisherman, so I start wading upstream. Water is clear a bit higher than summer levels. 15min in had zero bites. On the left a fast flowing patch on the right a calm pool nestled between plants. I start checking it. First cast nothing, second nothing. Most of the time chub go for the lure on first cast thus do not expect a bite. But on the third try a fish grabs the crank ! A small fatty chub. A quick release and I wade further.

30min pass with no action. I set my eyes on a spot under a leaning tree. The lure lands, first turn of the real a bite, but no hook up. Another cast even closer to the bank and deeper into the trees shadow. The crank starts to wobble and a hit. A feisty chub, bigger than the last. Quick fight and the chub is in the landing net. As I release him the fly fisherman leaves. So I check another 15 meters upstream and head towards were he fished.

Start casting in promising spots but no bites. I head closer to the bank and start checking between the weeds. I reel the lure and about 5m from me a hit. A bigger fish is on. I drag it to the surface it does its best to get away but I scoop it up. A 1.5kg pike. I admire the fish and let it go. Satisfied with this spot. I head to the car and head to another patch further upstream.

Upon arriving have some lunch while observing an old fisherman. His float did not move and soon enough he slowly paddled his boat further upstream. Hope he lands something. I start checking for chub. Cast after cast nothing. I head downstream. The flow carves the bank, creating deeper water with high banks. I head to check those areas. Up and down the bank I go. Casting downstream, upstream. Soon enough I land a perch. Would not be an Autumn fishing trip without one. Further downstream another one. The next 100m meters I check every inch of the river. I interchange my lures. Tried minnows, cranks and spoons. Although the area seemed promising I had no more bites. Head back home. A great 5 hour session.

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