Yarie First Order 4.5g

Yarie First Order debuted on the lineup for the first time in 2019. designed for river and stream trout fishing. The lure maintains its stability in the current, which encourages the fish to bite. Casting distance is not a problem while attempting to catch fish farther from the coast.


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Yarie First Order 4.5g

Yarie First Order first appeared in the lineup in 2019. Designed for trout fishing in streams and rivers. The lure keeps stable in the current thus provoking the fish to bite. Casting distance is not an issue when trying to reach fish which are further of shore. Furthermore the First Order spoon can be retrieved at any speed. As well as plundering to different water layers from the surface to the bottom.

Besides trout it is also ideal for catching predators like perch, pike. With its steady behavior in strong currents the Yarie spoon is great for chub fisherman in busier river sections.
Equipped with a single barbless hook. Available in weights of 3.6, 4.5, 5.4 grams and in a large number of colors. The colors are developed by the Yarie pro team.

Yarie First Order 4.5g tech. specifications

Weight: 4.5g

Length: 34mm





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