Smith D-S line 6.5g

Smith D-S Line 6.5g, a game-changer in the world of fishing spoons. Why settle for the ordinary when you can harness the extraordinary ‘fishing power’ of spoons? Spoons offer a unique advantage, especially when minnows and spinners fail to lure fish.


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Smith D-S line 6.5g

Smith D-S Line 6g, a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of fishing spoons. Why compromise when you can leverage the exceptional ‘fishing power’ of spoons? Spoons offer a unique edge, particularly when conventional baits like minnows and spinners struggle to entice fish. What sets the Smith D-S Line 6g apart is its innovative design, precisely crafted for optimum performance and success rates.

Designed to excel in various fishing conditions, the Smith D-S Line 6g seamlessly integrates form and function. Its design elements are intricately interconnected with its functionality, ensuring superior performance across the board. From its minimum swimming speed to its alluring light reflection and challenging depth, every aspect is finely tuned for optimal results.

The D-S Line’s distinct curved S-bend form facilitates exceptional swimming action, even at low speeds, making it a top choice among anglers with diverse fishing styles. With five meticulously engineered options available, ranging from 30mm to 45mm in size and 3.0g to 6.5g in weight, there’s an ideal match for every fishing scenario. Whether you’re navigating small streams in headwaters or tackling deep waters with strong currents, the Smith D-S Line 6g delivers unparalleled performance.

Experience the difference with the Smith D-S Line 6g and elevate your fishing endeavors to new heights.

A lighter version of 5g is available.

Smith D-S line 6.5g tech. specs.:

Weight: 6.5g

Lenght: 45mm





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