Jackall Timon Tearo 1.6g

Jackall Timon Tearo features a meticulously crafted design that mimics the natural appearance and movement of small fish and aquatic insects. This realistic presentation is irresistible to trout, making it an essential addition to your tackle box.


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Jackall Timon Tearo 1.6g

Jackall Timon Tearo 1.6g, the top choice for anglers who value precision, durability, and superior performance. Designed by Jackall, a renowned brand in fishing gear, the Timon Tearo is engineered to help you catch more trout and fully enjoy your fishing trips.

Innovative Design and Shape

The Jackall Timon Tearo 1.6g boasts a carefully crafted design that replicates the natural look and movement of small fish and aquatic insects. This lifelike appearance is irresistible to trout, making it an essential part of your fishing tackle. Whether you’re fishing in mountain streams or tranquil freshwater lakes, the Tearo’s realistic action ensures you can attract and catch more fish.

Ideal Weight and Size Choices

Recognizing that fishing conditions vary, the Jackall Timon Tearo comes in a range of weights and sizes. This selection allows you to pick the perfect lure for your specific needs, ensuring peak performance in any water depth or current speed. Whether targeting small, agile trout or larger, more elusive ones, there’s a Tearo model that fits the bill.

Premium Materials for Durability

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Jackall Timon Tearo is built for durability. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle frequent use, providing you with a reliable lure that delivers consistent results. Fish with confidence, knowing your Tearo lure will maintain its effectiveness over numerous fishing trips.

Vibrant Color Options

To accommodate various fishing environments and preferences, the Jackall Timon Tearo 1.6g is available in a range of vibrant colors. These colors are designed to attract trout in different water conditions, increasing your chances of a successful catch. From clear waters to murky streams, there’s a Tearo color that will stand out and lure in the fish.

Why Choose the Jackall Timon Tearo?

  • Realistic design that replicates natural prey
  • Multiple weights and sizes for versatile fishing
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Bright color options to suit any environment

Jackall Timon Tearo tech. specs.:

Weight: 1.6g

Length: 22mm

Hook: #8

Ring: #1





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