Jackall Timon T-Grovel 2g

This spoon is a result of extensive testing in area tournaments, where bottom capture makes a big difference in fishing outcomes. It’s been fine-tuned based on real fishing experiences to excel in “bottom keeping power,” “rooting avoidance ability,” and “horizontal fall.”


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Jackall Timon T-Grovel 2g

Jackall Timon T-Grovel 2g: a specialized spoon designed exclusively for bottom capture.

This spoon has undergone extensive testing in local tournaments, where effective bottom capture significantly impacts fishing success. Refined through real fishing experiences, it excels in key aspects like “bottom keeping power,” “rooting avoidance ability,” and “horizontal fall.”

With its innovative “reverse bent nose” design, this spoon keeps its head up during retrieval, reducing the risk of snags. Its compact, thick body helps prevent excessive floating, essential for successful bottom capture.

Equipped with a V-shaped cup, the Timon T-Grovel ensures a controlled horizontal descent even in challenging conditions, maintaining its effectiveness without overwhelming trout with excessive allure.

Offered in a variety of weights and sizes, you can select the ideal option to suit your fishing requirements.

Discover the precision and effectiveness of the Jackall Timon T-Grovel, and elevate your bottom capture technique like never before.

Also Available in 1.7g

Jackall Timon T-Grovel tech. specs.:

Weight: 2g

Length: 20mm

Hook: #10

Ring: #0





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