Tiemco Laks 50S

The Laks 50S has a solid lip and a weight that is in the middle. Despite weighing 4.1g, the lure moves quickly from side to side. For a longer duration, trout are attracted by this.
Additionally, this minnow performs best early in the season. The Laks is excellent for slow retrieves when the water is cold or during the summer droughts. trout that aren’t actively feeding to approach and strike the Tiemco hard bait.


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Tiemco Laks 50S

Tiemco Laks 50S as the manufacturer states is a mountain stream all-rounder minnow.

The Laks 50S features a sturdy lip and a centered weight. Despite the 4.1g weight the lure shimmies side to side with a swift action. This appeals to trout for a longer period of time.
Moreover this minnow is especially effective in early season. When water temperatures are low or during the summer droughts the Laks is great for slow retrieves. Enticing inactive trout to threaten and strike the Tiemco hard bait.
When twitched with harsh actions the Tiemco minnow moves to the left and right. Allowing the trout to attack when the timing is right.

Larger version is available 60S.


Tiemco Laks 50S tech. specifications

Weight: 4.1g

Length: 50mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)






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