Tiemco minnow

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Tiemco Imeru 50S

Tiemco Imeru this sinking minnow is designed with flowing curves. Also the design has included a air chamber inside the body. Thus making it a lure that swims lively despite its being 4g. Furthermore the Imeru 50S responds well to rod manipulation.


Tiemco Laks 50S

The Laks 50S has a solid lip and a weight that is in the middle. Despite weighing 4.1g, the lure moves quickly from side to side. For a longer duration, trout are attracted by this.
Additionally, this minnow performs best early in the season. The Laks is excellent for slow retrieves when the water is cold or during the summer droughts. trout that aren’t actively feeding to approach and strike the Tiemco hard bait.


Tiemco Laks 60S

Tiemco Laks 60S was put to the test in numerous fields. There is never a bad time to employ this minnow. There are many components in this sinking minnow that produce outcomes. The flat side surface is used upstream to provide a sharp fluttering motion. The target trout finds that to be enticing. difficult to jump out of the current on cross to down approaches due to the design’s balance. It can be used in a variety of river conditions thanks to the weight distribution, original lip shape, and curved body.


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