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Jackson Kanade 40S

Anglers can fish slower portions of water with the Jackson Kanade. Fish prefer to sit in the depths. The Kanade makes it simple to reach these slower areas in faster streams.


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Jackson Kanade 40S

The Jackson Kanade 40S allows the angler to fish slower sections of water. Depths where the trout like to sit. Reaching these slower pockets in faster streams is easy with the Kanade. The ability to fall into pockets of water and the semi long lip helps the angler and the Jackson lure holds that position.

Anglers can create action through the rod tip giving the lure a flashing and rolling action. This is easy due to its trapezoid style body. Furthermore the ability to attract trout on the fall and the retrieve. The 40mm is a heavy version for faster water and deeper stream sections.

The dense body although weighting 3g. feels heavier. Due to the compact size it is perfect for distant casts. The shape of the minnow cuts the air. Thus achieving great casting distance. The density also adds durability to the Jackson lure. It can take knocks and bumps with ease.

Jackson Kanade 40S tech. specifications

Weight: 3g

Length: 40mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Lure type

Sinking (S)

Many many trout caught with this one !

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