Bassday Sugar Deep

A selection of lures from the Bassday Sugar Deep series. Choose from a variety of sizes, weights, working depths to suit your fishing conditions.

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Bassday Sugar Deep 35F

The Sugar Deep 35F is an aerodynamic shape, 35mm, 2.1gram, floating minnow that runs deep. Easy to get off snags and with its large lip dives deep quickly for its size. Cast further with the narrow profile and an internal weight transfer system. The lip of the lure has a subtle concave dimple that gives the lure a sharper wobbling action. In addition the sharpness of the wobble contributes to the lure’s maneuverability, which in turn increases the appeal of the lure to its intended prey.


Bassday Sugar Deep 50F

The Sugar Deep 50F is a deep running minnow. It has a 50mm, 3.5gr. aerodynamic body. For its size it can go deep fast. Casting far is easy due to the narrow profile and an internal weight transfer system. A sharper wobbling action is generated thank to a faint concave dimple.


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