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In this list I have assembled a list of the the most popular Pontoon21 trout lures. The company has a wide selection of lures to choose from so picking the right ones can be hard. I have has first hand experience with each listed lure. But before the lures first an introduction to Pontoon21 as a manufacturer.

The company is a joint venture between European, Japanese and Chinese designers, lure producers. Known to be a budget option, but at the same time not lacking in quality. Pontoon21 started with hard plastic lures. But step by step increased their range. Pontoon21 has a staff of designers and anglers for research and development. Most of whom are professionals, who also take part in various international competitions. All lures come with Owner Hooks as standard. As well as a high quality finish that one would expect from a premium quality brand.

Pontoon21 Alter Idem


Pontoon21 Alter Idem resembles the Cheerful family of lures. Inheriting the shape and the balancing system the Alter Idem is stable. Furthermore it is responsive to the slightest rod manipulations. The movement imitates a dying minnow. Moreover strikes happen on pauses when the lure is at a stand still. Thinking the minnow is on it last gasp the predators strike.
Furthermore when twitching Pontoon21 Alter Idem shows movements unique for minnow lures. When in search for trout the 36/42 sizes show most promise.
In warmer conditions the shallow running version will entice the trout to bite on the surface. In winter the trout are more passive and like to lure at depths, the deep running version will lure them out.

Pontoon21 Cheerful

Pontoon21 Cheerful was the first model in the Pontoon21 line up. Best described as an agile, small lure with a stable action in any conditions.
It has perfect movement in whirlpools. What is more always remains attractive to fish both in streams and calm waters. A lot of anglers specializing in finesse fishing consider this lure to be a must in a lure box. Their flat body imitates small bait fish.
The internal balancing system helps with casting and movement. Comes in three sizes 34/40/60mm.
Also depending on your conditions you can choose between shallow running (SR), mid running (MR), deep running (DR), models.

Pontoon21 Crack Jack


Among trout lures in the Pontoon21 line up, the Crack Jack has the most variations. Not only does each size include three modifications according to diving depth, they can also be floating or suspending.
The minnow has a prolonged, beam-like body. Within which the Magnetic Force Balance (MFB) system sits. Thanks to it the minnow has excellent ballistic qualities. As well as a correct position right after landing and during the retrieve.
This minnow is a perch killer. Plant the lure along the lily line and reel. Perch will come. If the vegetation is too dense the shallow running version will dance across the surface.

Pontoon21 Greedy Guts


Next up the Pontoon21 Greedy Guts my personal favorite when the weather is hot and water is low. A shape that looks like an overgrown minnow. A bulging belly houses the Mag Force II system. Which helps with casting distance. Also a unique center of gravity produces irregular movements. Great for twitching and luring out wary trout out of there holes.
Among trout lures this little minnow always saves the day when the trout are passive. In my opinion out of all the Pontoon21 trout lures this models is the most successful.

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag


For anglers who focus more on chub there is the Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F. The smaller brother of the Red Rag series. The crank has a body length of 32 mm, the shallow water version (SR) weighs 4.8g and the medium-deep water version (MDR) 5.1g.
Inside and outside of the bait is as close to the Red Rag as it gets. It has the same chubby body, form, geometry. Thus retaining all the qualities of the classic Red Rag – long casting, stable in stream, play.
A feature that is not seen on other lures are the perpendicular loops for attaching bait hooks. Thanks to this solution, the hooks have less influence on the active play of the lure. This this eliminates overlap between the hooks.

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