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Pontoon21 trout lures we hand picked and must be in your lure box. First an introduction to Pontoon21 as a manufacturer. The company was established by European, Japanese and Chinese designers, lure producers. It has had great success and has distributors in Europe, CIS, Australia and Japan.

Pontoon21 started with hard plastic lures. But step by step increased their range of lures. Pontoon21 has a staff of designers and anglers for research and development. Their lures are best describe as – Quality without the price tag. All come with Owner Hooks as standard. As well as a high quality finish that one would expect from a premium quality brand.

They also do a range of terminal tackle which includes snaps, split rings, lines, rods.

Pontoon21 Alter Idem


Pontoon21 Alter Idem has a special balance system. As well as the iconic shape of the Cheerful family of lures. Keeping the traditional stability of Cheerful, Pontoon21 Alter Idem is highly responsive even to the minimal manipulations. Many strikes happen when you fully stop retrieving and stop manipulations with your rod.

Moreover when twitching Pontoon21 Alter Idem shows pirouettes, which have never been seen in other lures. When trout fishing had most success with sizes 36/42mm.

Also depending on your conditions you can choose between shallow running (SR), mid running (MR), deep running (DR).

Pontoon21 Cheerful


Pontoon21 Cheerful is the series which started the history of the brand. Once the first model appeared, Pontoon21 instantly became well-known. An agile, small lure. Catches everything, everywhere, without being overthrown in any stream.

Perfect movement in any whirlpool. What is more always remains attractive to fish both in streams and calm waters. A lot of anglers specializing in ultralight fishing consider this lure to be a must in a lure box. Their flat body perfectly imitates small minnows. Moreover the excellent internal balancing system allows to achieve great casting distance,  distinct action. Comes in three sizes 34/40/60mm.

Also depending on your conditions you can choose between shallow running (SR), mid running (MR), deep running (DR).

Pontoon21 Crack Jack


Among trout lures in the Pontoon21 line up, the Crack Jack has the widest selection of minnows.  Each size includes three modifications according to operating depth. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR) and deep runner (DR). Also they can be floating or suspending.

The minnow has a prolonged, beam-like body. Within which there is a balance system – Magnetic Force Balance (MFB). It is thanks to this system that these minnows have excellent ballistic qualities. As well as  a correct position in water after casting and during the retrieve.

Crack Jack minnows can be successfully used in ponds or streams . Different types of retrieves work well with this minnow.  The legendary Owner hooks leave fish no chances to escape.

Pontoon21 Greedy Guts


Pontoon21 Greedy Guts unique shape combined with an unusual center of gravity results an improved balance system. Mag Force II is at the heart of the minnow. A lure with an expressive movement at any speed of retrieve. Jerking, twitching, ripping, pumping, etc. – with Pontoon21 Greedy Guts you become a magician.

In conclusion dictate the way the lure moves. Among trout lures this little minnow always saves the day when the trout are passive. Also great in the winter months when the water is cold and the trout are not feeding.

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag



Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F is a small compact crank lure. A long awaited addition to the most popular Pontoon21 crank family – Red Rag. Baby Red Rag has a body length of 32 mm, the shallow water version (SR) weighs 4.8g and the medium-deep water version (MDR) 5.1g.

Inside and outside of the bait is as close to the “classic” Red Rag as it gets. It has the same chubby body, form, geometry. Inside there are two balancing balls and a branded built-in “mirror”. Color options with the built in “mirror” have the MI index in the name. For example: 812 MI Higenaga RE, 837 MI Gold Perch. Baby Red Rag retains all the qualities of the classic Red Rag. Long casting, stable in stream, play and colors.

Also for area trout fishing enthusiasts, the Area variants of the crank have been added. The R41 MP Bait, R42 Ghost BOH, R43 Mustard Yamame, R44 Pink Yamame and R45 Fluored. The crank has its own unique features that distinguishes it from the absolute majority of other little cranks. These are loops for attaching bait hooks. They are perpendicular to the bait axis. Thanks to this solution, the hooks have less influence on the active play of the lure. Another plus – lovers of area fishing can easily replace standard hooks for micro-oscillators to equip the Baby Red Rag. The back loop is located almost on the back of the lure – this eliminates overlap between the hooks.

Available in two depths – Shallow Runner (SR) and Medium-Deep Runner (MDR) and 20 color options. By its purpose, Baby Red Rag is a universal bait. The working depth of the Shallow Runner (SR) version is 0.2-0.4 m, the Medium-Deep Runner (MDR) – 0.8-1.0 m. The crank works well even in the strongest current and attracts fish in stagnant water from a far thanks to active play. The small size is attractive to a wide variety of fish. Still, the main trophies are chub, perch, ide, asp, trout, grayling and small salmon.

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