Gear previews

Fishing gear previews by enthusiastic anglers. Find out about the gear that interest us. It is not a review, but more of an exposier. Find out about gear manufacturers, lures, rods, reels and other things related to trout fishing.

Bassday Bun Kobun Trout fishing lures
Bassday trout lures

Bassday   Bassday is a premium hard-body lure maker of unsurpassed quality and finish. Has a great reputation not only in native Japan, but also around the world. Each lure...

Trout fishing lures Pontoon21 Crack Jack
Pontoon21 Trout Lures

Pontoon21 In this list I have assembled a list of the the most popular Pontoon21 trout lures. The company has a wide selection of lures to choose from so picking...

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