Bassday trout lures



Bassday is a premium hard-body lure maker of unsurpassed quality and finish. Has a great reputation not only in native Japan, but also around the world. Each lure is carefully crafted and thoroughly tested. Making it a guaranteed fish catcher. Bassday originally built a range to attract strikes from large trout and freshwater fish in all kinds of water bodies. The range covers shallow, mid and deep diving lures. Sugar Minnows and Sugar Deeps cover the mid and deep range . While top-water performers are the Sugar Lipless, Crystal Poppers and SugaPens with the later deadly as a whiting surface lure.

Bassday lures ensure a quality product to the end consumer by crafting with quality control and tested too. The action is perfect for inshore species. Moreover wide and tight wobbles at a range of speeds depending on the lure. Furthermore the size and color palette is extensive with up to 14 colors in different styles and models ranging from 35 mm to 70 mm in length.

Bassday Bun


Bassday Bun turns the tables with wobble and large wake. Their humorous insect like form that imitates a beetle has outstanding fishing potential. It come across as a bug in distress on top or just under the waters’ surface. It has a wide wobble action which is popular with Bass, Trout, and small Trevally. Furthermore Bassday BUN shows its total balance when worked insistently with short jerks. And due a tungsten weight in side, has great casting potential. European anglers will appreciate the lure as perfect shallow crank for Chub fishing. For the summer season, when trout attack the surface it shows great results. Among Bassday trout lures this is my sleeper. It shows results whenever all other options fail.

Bassday Kobun


The smaller version of the BUN. Bassday Kobun is for pond and stream trout that could be passive to the bigger BUN. Although created for area trout fishing, performs just as well in native rivers. In the summer seasons greedy chub will grab the bun think it is a bug fallen of a branch. In the autumn pike, trout are attracted to its active wake being mistaken for small frog, tadpoles.

Bassday Sugar Deep


Sugar Deep 35 is the smallest minnow in the Bassday line up. It has an aerodynamic shape and with its large lip dives deep quickly for its size. The narrow profile and an internal weight transfer system allows to cast further than most similiar sized lures. The lip of the lure has a subtle concave dimple that gives the lure a sharper wobbling action. Bassday Sugar Deep will dive up to 1.5m. This depth coverage is great to explore troughs and drop offs where fish are most often found. Same could be said about the 50mm Sugar Deep.

Bassday Sugar Minnow


Among Bassday trout lures the Sugar Minnow is a classic. Sizes 40/50mm imitate a silhouette of a swimming bait fish. When twitching the minnows seems like a dying fish . Also a steady retrieve will result in an action predators find irresistible. Because of the shifting center of gravity the lure cast well even for its low weight. The narrow lip allows for a steady wobble and roll action in fast currents. All in all the Bassday Sugar Minnow 40F is a lure for anglers of all persuasions.

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