Review of the Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL

I read about the Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL in a fishing forum, described as the ultimate rod for trout, I found one in the local classifieds and soon enough the rod was in my hands. An impulsive buy with zero regrets. Still one of my favorite and most used rods.

At 252cm one might think the rod is not suited for trout fishing in small rivers, but the longer length allows to sneak the tip in between trees, brush, high grass just enough to make a cast and manoeuvre the lure amid obstacles. The unique 247mm handle, designed for one handed casts in tight spots, takes time getting used to, but becomes extremely beneficial when familiarized with. The regular action blank is made from XX Matrix graphite, resulting in a bend throughout the rod while playing the fish and a sharp cast which shoots a 5g lure 40m with ease. The shoreluck has a declared casting weight of 1g – 10g. A 3g lure goes where I want it and feels responsive when jigging on river/lake beds. I do not use anything heavier than 8 g. Casting a 10g jig head, felt timid, still the rod was not flimsy. A black glossy blank with gold, purple, red accents, an eva handle, fuji reel seat with carbon details, give the rod a clean, modern look resembling a samurai sword. Situated along the blank are 8 fuji K guides with SiC inserts. At 91g. the rod has great balance with any reel between 200 – 250g. The model has a tubular tip most suited for spinners and spoons, I do not use any minnows since the rod is too soft to achieve lure play I want. I use it for trout, perch, pike, chub in small, mid sized rivers.


Construction/Quality: Beautifully crafted rod, the short grip, might not be for everyone – 8.5
Performance:Excellent sensitivity, great casting. Handling especially shines with larger fish – 9
Price: New 250eur. Seen them float on the second hand market at the 140eur. mark – 8
Features: Megabass used quality parts, but would change eva for cork – 8
Design (Ergonomics): Badass design – 9.5
Application: Not the most versatile rod – 6
Total Score: 8.2
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!

Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL Pros and Cons:


+ Badass design – Not the most versatile rod
+ Handles fish wonderfully
+ Price
In conclusion the Megabass Shoreluck is a one of kind rod. The unique traits allow casts in tough situations, give confidence when reeling in big fish and looks stunning, furthermore it does it all for a fair price.

Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL Tech. specification:

Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL
Length (cm): 252
Action: Regular
Closed length (cm): 129
Lure wt (g): 1 – 10
Line (lb): 2 – 10
Rear grip length (mm): 247
Rod wt (g): 91
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