Trout fishing rod

Tenryu Lunakia LKT79M
Posted by | 2020-03-30
Tenryu Lunakia LKT79M

Tenryu Lunakia LKT79M Long story short this was my first premium fishing rod the Tenryu Lunakia LKT79M. Gave it to a friend for a day of fishing. He was an...

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Ito Craft Expert Custom 56ULX
Posted by | 2019-04-26
Review of the Ito Craft Expert Custom

Japanese lure fishing has deep traditions. Rivers of Japan are characterized by their short lengths and steep gradients. This is due to the narrow and mountainous topography of the country....

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Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL
Posted by | 2018-11-18
Review of the Megabass Shoreluck

I read about the Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL in a fishing forum, described as the ultimate rod for trout, I found one in the local classifieds and soon enough the...

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tenryu lunakia LKS77M
Posted by | 2018-01-20
Tenryu Lunakia LKS77M

Tenryu Lunakia Sonic LKS77M The Tenryu Lunakia Sonic LKS77M is a replacement for my Lunakia LKT79 (older generation of the rod) which I loved and adored, but to my horror...

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